With V-Guard Isolator inside your home, you will be all smiles from the outside as it has the power to defeat the most shocking power threats by isolating the circuit when it is prone to it. V-Guard Isolator switches comes fitted with the ability for the switch to padlock such that inadvertent operation is not possible. In some circuits (MCOs), the isolator switch has an additional ability to earth the isolated circuit, thereby providing some more safety. Such an arrangement would apply to circuits which inter connect the power distribution systems i.e. a situation where both the ends of the circuit need to be isolated. V-Guard Isolator is a switch that is connected after a circuit breaker. V Guard Isolator’s are made up of high quality materials and isolates between your circuit and power supply. Every product are analyzed by our Quality Controller and tested it for providing better safety.When a circuit or a bus bar is taken out of service by tripping at the circuit breaker, the isolator opens and the isolated line is earthed through earth switch so that the trapped line charges are safely conducted to ground. It traps and absorbs the risk in adverse circumstances and decreases the chances of electricity mishaps, overloads or even burn out events. After all, the sweet home should stay sweet forever. So what are you waiting for? Just envelop your family in the safe hands of V-Guard Isolator.


Have a rocking life with V-Guard MCBs, a range of Miniature Circuit Breakers which will make sure that your home is not just sweet but a safe place to live in too. The moment you have V-Guard MCB installed in your house you can just take a sigh of relief for a lifetime. V-Guard MCB comes with a clear and visible indication for circuit ‘ON’ ‘OFF’ status. V Guard MCB’s are completely equipped with high quality thermal and magnetic protection modules can sense every each instants of circuitry. Watches the entire circuit and protects your home and appliances from short circuits and over loads and subsequent issues. MCB’s are made as per latest international IEC standards with compact body design and beautiful aesthetics. All products are checked by Quality Controller on highly equipped labs of V Guard. Now stay assured for the maximum safety with V-Guard MCB which has been lab tested for improved and rugged design of operating mechanism. It has a silver graphite contact tip for anti-wield property. V-Guard MCB is a suitable choice to make your home safe as it fully complies with the international safety standards of IEC 60898-1. Not only this, its specially designed arc quenching chamber with additional arc diverter and flash back arrestor never ceases a single chance of fire.


V-Guard’s RCCB are blessed with a snap second fault sensing as V-Guard RCCB has been designed using high permeability Nano-Crystalline Materials. Come what may, the new V-Guard RCCB will overcome all odds to withstand the operating depreciation due to its improved rugged design and high quality molded casing with superior thermal and dielectric strength. All these features make them a perfect choice for your office or household.Our RCCB’s are equipped with high quality precision sensing modules and keeps updated with latest international IEC standards. This can protect human beings from electric shocks and earth leakage related issues. Every RCCB’s are checked by our Quality Controller to ensure safety. It’s sensitive to the core to sense the faults and danger swiftly as they approach the circuit to occur with on time operation agility. Made from the silver alloy contacts for superior Antiweld property, the RCCB assures quality at any cost. V-Guard RCCB is fully compliant to international standards of IEC 61008-1. Make your home or office shock proof with V-Guard RCCB.


Whether your problem is power cuts or voltage fluctuations, an unreliable electric power supply can disrupt daily life. Even if you have a generator, it can be terribly inconvenient to switch the power supply from the mains to the generator. It’s time to put an end to all these troubles.

Presenting V-Guard SPN ACCL (Automatic Changeover with Current Limiter). As the name suggests, it’s a changeover device that automatically transfers the load from the mains supply to the generator. It also acts as a load limiter and reduces the stress on the generator by continuously monitoring the generator’s power supply. But that’s not all. It even comes with an auto-reset function, so you never have to take the effort of resetting your ACCL manually.

The V-Guard SPN ACCL not only provides amazing convenience but incredible performance, durability, quality, and energy efficiency too. Its superior operating mechanism boasts of higher air gaps, resulting in better performance and greater reliability. Added to that, the contactor-based mechanism promises that your ACCL will last a very long time. With a 5kA short-circuit capacity, it ensures a safe experience. What’s more, this energy-efficient changeover device is connected directly to the mains. Its coils and electronic parts operate only on generator supply. This leads to added savings for you as its power consumption is relatively quite low.

Based on your requirement, you can choose the ACCL that best suits your needs in terms of capacity and ratings. But no matter which model you select, with the V-Guard SPN ACCL you can finally bid farewell to those pesky power supply problems.

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